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is a nonprofit trade organization that promotes safe and responsible oil and natural gas development in La Plata County. Individual and company members work to build community relations, increase public understanding, and address public issues relative to the industry.

Gas Facts : About Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the most powerful and versatile energy source known to man. More than half of the homes in the United States are heated with natural gas. A large percentage of Americans also use natural gas to cook their food and heat their water. Most people don't know that natural gas is a raw material used to produce petrochemicals, plastics, paints, and a wide variety of other products. In the last decade natural gas has become the fuel of choice for the new generation of electric power plants.


  • Approximately 23 percent of the energy consumption of the United States comes from natural gas.
  • More than one-half of the homes in the United States use natural gas as their primary heating fuel.
  • More than 62 million homes use natural gas to fuel stoves, furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers and other household appliances.
  • U.S. industries get more than 40 percent of their primary energy from natural gas. Industry depends on natural gas because it has thousands of uses. It is used to produce steel, glass, paper, clothing, brick, electricity and much more.
  • Natural gas is an essential raw material for many common products, such as plastics, fertilizers, paints, antifreeze, dyes, photographic film, medicines and explosives.
  • Natural gas provides approximately 19 percent of our electric power. Gas turbine and steam generating plants use natural gas. A combined-cycle system is the most efficient.
  • Propane, a popular fuel for backyard barbecue grills, is a byproduct of natural gas and in many rural areas it is their primary heating fuel.
  • La Plata County produces the most natural gas in the State of Colorado, with the least amount of wells.
  • Colorado ranks 5th in the nation for natural gas production.