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is a nonprofit trade organization that promotes safe and responsible oil and natural gas development in La Plata County. Individual and company members work to build community relations, increase public understanding, and address public issues relative to the industry.

Gas Tap Safety : Call Before You DIG

Safety is a top priority to the companies and individuals working in the natural gas industry. The industry's safety record in La Plata County is outstanding. The overwhelming majority of accidents are the typical work accidents experienced by any company.

Be safe! This means being aware of pipelines and other underground infrastructure. Colorado state law requires anyone engaging in any type of excavation to give advance notice of two business days. There is no charge to the landowner or excavator for line location service. The Utility Notification Center of Colorado is your contact. UNCC notifies the utility operators in your area so they can determine what utility-owned underground facilities may exist at your planned excavation site. Dial 8-1-1 or call toll free at 800.922.1987 or use the UNCC website. Remember, call before you dig.