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is a nonprofit trade organization that promotes safe and responsible oil and natural gas development in La Plata County. Individual and company members work to build community relations, increase public understanding, and address public issues relative to the industry.

Gas Facts : Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

The COGCC regulates the oil and gas drilling and production industry in Colorado. The mission of the COGCC is to promote the responsible development of Colorado's oil and gas natural resources. Responsible development balances efficient exploration and production of oil and gas with the prevention of waste, protection of mineral owner's rights, and protection of public health, safety and welfare, and the environment.

The COGCC issues permits for the drilling and operation of oil and gas wells, and enforces rules and regulations for the spacing of wells, well bore construction, and well site reclamation. Rules are also enforced for the abandonment of wells and for the treatment and disposal of oil and gas exploration and production waste. COGCC rules implement the statutory charge to prevent significant environmental impacts to air, water, soil, or biological resources caused by oil and gas operations. Below are the rule categories with links to the actual rules:

Amended Rules

Complete Rules (100 - 1200 Series)

List of Rules and Policies adopted between 1990-2008

1995-1996 Major Rulemaking Overview


Outline of Contents

100 Series Definitions

200 Series General Rules

300 Series Drilling, Development, Producing and Abandonment

400 Series Unit Operations, Enhanced Recovery Projects

500 Series Rules of Practice and Procedure

600 Series Safety Regulations

700 Series Financial Assurance and Environmental Response Fund

800 Series Aesthetic and Noise Control Regulations

900 Series Exploration and Production Waste Management

1000 Series Reclamation Regulations

1100 Series Flowline Regulations>

1200 Series Protection of Wildlife Resources

Appendix I - Information on Completing COGCC Forms

Appendix II - None

Appendix III - Fee Structure

Appendix IV - Due Date/Response Time

Appendix V - Oil & Gas Conservation Act Title 34-Article 60 (Amended)

Appendix VI - Public Water Systems

Appendix VII - Restricted Surface Occupancy Maps (Amended)

Appendix VIII - Sensitive Wildlife Habitat Maps

The COGCC is staffed with field inspectors, engineers, and environmental protection specialists who are responsible for reviewing permit applications and other technical information, and for inspecting oil and gas wells for compliance with COGCC regulations. These staff members also respond to complaints about oil and gas well sites by surface owners and local governments. In addition to the main Denver office, the COGCC inspectors and field engineers are located throughout the state including Durango.

The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission board is made up of Commissioners appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Monthly public hearings are held in Denver and in locations with oil and gas activity around the state. Commissioner requirements are set by statute in the Oil and Gas Conservation Act at ยง34-60-104 (2) (a)(1), C.R.S. (Current as of 07-29-2011)

Contacting the COGCC

Web site:

The web site contains information for surface owners as well as answers to typical questions from the public about oil and gas development in Colorado. All rules and regulations can be found on the web site.




Telephone numbers

Southwest Region Environmental Protection Specialist

Karen Spray


(O) 970-259-1619

(C) 970-903-1242

Fax 970-259-9128

Southwest Region Field Inspector

Steve Labowskie


(O) 970-259-0945

(C) 970-946-5073

Southwest Region Engineer

Mark Weems


(O) 970-259-4587

(C) 970-749-0624

Fax 970-259-0743

The above can also be found at: Staff Contact Information

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