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Gas Tap Safety : Legal Issue Relating to Gas Taps

The majority of agreements with oil and gas companies for private gas taps stipulate that the gas tap is for the "principal dwelling house" only. Gas used for other dwellings, outbuildings, commercial, agricultural (irrigation), industrial or any other use is considered theft and can result in termination of the right to receive gas, recovery billing for gas consumed and possible criminal charges. Landowners with gas taps are also responsible for any unauthorized use by others.

Most important, any gas tap is connected and used at the sole risk and expense of the landowner securing the gas tap. The oil and gas companies are not liable for any damages that may result from the gas tap or its connection. It is extremely important for a landowner with a gas tap to have safe, permitted gas tap connections and systems. Finally the landowner should secure sufficient property and damage insurance to cover potential losses should an accident occur.