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is a nonprofit trade organization that promotes safe and responsible oil and natural gas development in La Plata County. Individual and company members work to build community relations, increase public understanding, and address public issues relative to the industry.


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Kid Corner

Activities - COGCC

Grades K-12. Games, Activities, Facts, Science Project Ideas and more

Teaching Kids to Save Energy Sites::

  • Saving Energy: The California Energy Commission has great tips on how to save energy when at home. On this page, there is also information on how to save energy when not at home and how to recycle
  • Energy Kids - Saving Energy: The difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency is explained.
  • Lights Out the Energy Saving Game: By clicking on this link, kids are opening an online game about saving energy. Instructions on how to play are also found on this page.
  • How You Can Save Energy: Find out how kids and their families can use less energy. This Tennessee Valley Authority article includes links to other websites about energy and energy conservation.
  • Top Ten Rules for Saving Energy: Rules can make it easy for the whole family to save energy in the home. Click on this link to read ten helpful rules on saving household energy.
  • Zoo America - Kids Conserve: Zoo America wants to teach kids how to help protect the environment. This page gives tips on saving energy, conserving water, and other advice, including recycling.
  • Just for Kids - Conserving Energy: Lighting: Kids can learn about conserving energy by using lighting correctly. On this page, there are also additional links to energy conservation tips that involve appliances and carpooling, for example.
  • Energy Saving Tips: Kids can get great tips on how to save energy while at home and while at school. Click on this link to read these easy-to-remember tips from the Ann Arbor Public Schools.
  • What You Can Do - Energy Saving Tips for Kids: Click on this link to read a PDF about how kids can help the environment by saving energy. This page also talks about climate change, what it is, and why it's serious. 
  • How Energy Efficient Are You?: This link opens up a fun quiz where kids can learn how well they save energy. The game also gives tips on how kids can save energy even more!
  • Energy Experience - Save Energy: Click on this link for an interactive game that teaches what wastes energy and how to fix it. Play the game by clicking on items in the room that may be wasting energy.
  • Energy Tips for Kids: On this page, kids can learn ways to conserve energy. The page reviews activities that kids can participate in other than watching television. Tips for the whole family and ways to save water are also on this page.
  • Kids Korner - Energy Efficiency: Kids who click on this link will learn what it means to be energy-efficient. They'll also learn about ways that they can be efficient every day.

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