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is a nonprofit trade organization that promotes safe and responsible oil and natural gas development in La Plata County. Individual and company members work to build community relations, increase public understanding, and address public issues relative to the industry.

Gas Facts : Production Overview

How long will production continue? How many wells will it take to get all the natural gas? Those are questions asked by many La Plata County residents. Because the San Juan Basin is so rich in natural gas deposits, production in La Plata County will be active for many decades to come. In May of 2007 there were 2,788 active wells in La Plata County. In May of 2012 there were 3,335 active wells.

In 2002, United States Geological Survey estimated a mean of 50.6 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered natural gas. In general, natural gas development in La Plata County will continue for at least several decades. As new technologies evolve, development and existing well spacing is subject to change at any time.