The Energy Council

The Energy Council is a nonprofit trade organization formed in 1998 promoting safe, responsible oil, natural gas, and CO2 development in Archuleta, Dolores, Montezuma, and La Plata Counties



We utilize best management practices and innovative technology to develop and produce Oil, Natural Gas, and CO2.


Public Safety:

We protect our community by ensuring high environmental standards and providing consistent, reliable and affordable energy.


Environmental Stewards:

Our operators value and adhere to the comprehensive environmental standards set forth by the state, federal, and local governments to protect our community for generations to come.


Community Commitment:

We are committed to the community we operate in by generous philanthropy, scholarship programs, and providing high-paying employment.



The Energy Council partners with numerous other Trade Organizations to ensure collective collaboration, a broader outreach and a deeper understanding of the industry.



As we move forward in the San Juan Basin, the Energy Council commits to be forward thinking as our industry expands in exploration and development.

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Good Neighbor Pledge

The Energy Council is a nonprofit trade organization formed in 1998 promoting safe, responsible oil, natural gas, and CO2 development in Archuleta, Dolores, Montezuma and La Plata Counties. Our operators work to strengthen relations with the community, increase public understanding, and participate in open discussions on important issues relative to the industry.

As members of the community, the Energy Council and our member companies understand the vital importance of being a good neighbor. Our Good Neighbor Pledge has a long history of success in working with the community. We recognize that full compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to our industry is essential in being a good neighbor. And we do more.

Our Good Neighbor Pledge and Initiatives are an important part of who we are and how we do business.

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Advocating for the industry for over 20 years

Client Testimonials

“The Energy Council is there to bridge the informational gap between the industry and those who are closely impacted by the industry—which is everyone.  We all benefit from the resources and commodities that come from oil and gas; it’s not just heating our homes and driving our cars, it’s your heart valve, it’s the plastic in your eyeglasses, it’s the machines, resources, commodities that make life-saving surgeries possible in hospitals everywhere—whether or not the sun shines or the wind blows. The Energy Council is there to help defend the freedom that oil and gas give to people everywhere, whatever their status, politics, or understanding of the industry.”

Maralex Resources Inc.

Since Enduring Resources entered the San Juan Basin in 2017, the Energy Council has and continues to be a valuable resource for our ongoing operations. Energy Council has helped us build relationships with both industry and the local community and we appreciate the Energy Council helping us stay informed of regulatory changes from the local to national level.

Enduring Resources, LLC

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